Maggie Habib

Maggie Habib is a police Constable who works at Gasforth Police Station.

Character history Edit

Constable Maggie Habib is a female Officer of South Asian descent and is generally the "straight man" in Fowler's uniformed branch. Highly intelligent, she often approached issues with a wise and methodical train of thought.

Fowler has commented several times that she is his finest Officer and that she has a good career ahead of her. She always tries to deflect the attentions of Goody, but deep down she is sympathetic to him and did her best to convince Fowler to drop unjust charges against Goody when he punched a skinhead who verbally abused her. Habib is a feminist and is vocally 'progressive' in her socio-political views. It is revealed in series 2 that she has a study-freak turned drug-addict sister named Nazia, whom she protects by withholding evidence during a vice operation. She was nearly charged by Grim until Fowler blackmailed him by threatening criminal charges for a minor "crime" that Grim himself had committed. She was also citizen arrested by local villain "Terry the Tank" after Grim tried to use her as a "honey-trap".