Honey Trap
Series 01, Episode 03
Honey Trap
Air Date 27 November 1995
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Honey Trap is the third episode of the first series of The Thin Blue Line which was first broadcast on 27 November 1995.

Summary Edit

Dawkins begins to suspect Fowler and Habib of having an affair behind her back when Grim enlists Fowler and Habib's help in catching a criminal via entrapment.

Full Plot Edit

When Fowler returns from a pub quiz night with a ketchup-kiss mark on his collar from Habib, Dawkins starts to think that he doesn't respect her anymore. The next day, Grim comes to Fowler saying he wants to use Habib for what he considers "intelligence-gathering".

But a wrongly-timed remark during the conversation between said officers (Habib and Fowler) makes Dawkins suspicious that Fowler might be using Habib for more personal reasons than he lets on. This, of course, is "confirmed" by their strange activities as of late. How much luck will it take for Fowler to get out of this mess? Our answer: A lot.