Frank Gladstone

Frank Gladstone is a police Constable who works at Gasforth Police Station.

Frank Gladstone is an older PC presumably near retirement who was born in Trinidad. He has been a PC all his life (as was his father) and is enjoying his career winding down.

He often contributes to situations by making irrelevant (and usually silly) tangential comments, sometimes sexist in nature. This sexism provides an amusing foil (opposite) to Constable Goody's overt camp behaviour. He is fond of Gloria Hunniford. With the possible exception of Goody, Gladstone is the most out-of-touch-with-reality of the characters. He once claimed to have had an interesting case in which a woman complained that her neighbour had trimmed his hedge into the shape of a bottom.

His character has been criticised as a token ethnic minority one, despite Habib's importance to the series. PC Gladstone nevertheless provided support to a number of funny scenes in the series.